Heel Pain Treatments

There are many heel pain treatments available to you!

There are many heel pain treatments for pain including basic and advanced options.  These heel pain treatments range from basic stretches to surgery and many options in between.  Heel pain heel pain treatmentsis not normal and should be treated without waiting.  Prolonged heel pain will result is a more difficult and prolonged treatment course.  So if you’ve tried some basic treatments suggested by your friends and you still have not gotten relief after a week, see your podiatrist for heel pain treatments.

Basic heel pain treatments can consist of arch padding and taping, stretches, ice, rolling therapy and anti-inflammatories.  In some cases cortisone injections can be helpful to reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Heel Pain may also be called plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. There are many advanced treatments that have produced excellent results. These advanced treatments can be long lasting and help you to avoid surgery and the use of cortisone. Many of these treatments fall under the category of regenerative medicine.  This form of medicine actually helps the body naturally heal leading to a cure in many cases.

For Achilles pain, heel lifts are often used with the treatments noted above, however, cortisone injections should not be used. In some cases a spur on the back of the heel may need removal. Heel spur surgery for pain on the bottom of the heel is no longer a standard procedure and is rarely performed.

Physical therapy may also be indicated in certain cases and this can be determined by your podiatrist.

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Options for treatment:

Shockwave and EPAT
CryOzone Plus
Regenerative Medicine

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