Why Do My Heels Hurt?

That’s a great question! I can help you with the answers to why your heels hurt.

So, Why Do Your Heels Hurt?

Heel pain can come from a one-time injury or from injury that occurs over time.  Some people will have pain from increased activities or exercises.  Many people find that heel heels hurtpain will start when wearing a pair of shoes that lack support such as flip-flops or deck shoes.  Others may not be able to identify an event to explain why their heels hurt.  Some will have pain on the bottom of the heel or pain on the back of the heel or a combination.

Most everyone will try home remedies when their heel hurts and may do fine, however, many will continue to experience pain.  This is the time to take action and see a podiatrist to treat your heel pain. Some common home remedies include stretching, over the counter pads or insoles, rolling on a bottle, ice, heat, Tylenol, Advil, Aleve and changes in shoes.

The body is very interesting.  When the heel becomes inflamed and the condition lingers, the body produces long-standing or chronic swelling.  The body then switches into a protective mode and stops the healing process.  In many of these cases simple treatments will no longer be effective.  Cortisone is a common treatment for heel pain but will often not be effective when this protective mode begins. Even after an injection your heel hurts. This is where regenerative medicine can kick start healing and take you out of the protective pain mode. In some of these cases advanced techniques will be necessary to allow healing to proceed and to finally get relief from your heel pain. Don’t let your heels hurt!

If you have heel pain that seems to want to linger, call Advanced Podiatry in Tampa today for an immediate appointment.

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