Will An Ingrown Toenail Go Away On Its Own?

Will an ingrown toenail go away on its own?

Ingrown toenails occur when the side of the nail becomes curved  and invades the skin along the side of the nail.  This can cause increased redness, pain and swelling to the skin on the side of the nail.  Ingrown nails do not usually go away without cutting the ingrown ingrown toenail go away on its ownout. However, in some cases, an ingrown toenail can go away on its own if you trim a small piece out of the corner. This would be for a minor type of problem. Use a clean instrument. Then start soaking your foot twice daily with warm salt water. Cover with antibiotic cream and a band-aid. If it does not improve within a few days, see a podiatrist.

Deeper cutting of ingrown nails at home can be dangerous and should be avoided.  When attempting to remove an ingrown toenail on your own,  you often leave a piece of nail deep along the side and end of the toe.  This often results in an infection and complicates the treatment and may require antibiotics. The only way to stop the infection is by seeing a podiatrist for treatment.  Antibiotics alone are rarely a solution. A piece of the nail must be removed and the infection drained for the antibiotics to work.

When you have had an ingrown toenail multiple times, there are permanent solutions to fix them. Once you do this you will no longer ask, “will an ingrown toenail go away on its own”?

Instead of digging them out and taking a risk you can have a matrixectomy. This procedure is done in the office to kill the nail root. There is no cutting with a blade and no stitches. This has a 95% success rate.

If you have an ingrown nail causing pain or discomfort, call Advanced Podiatry today in Tampa Florida at (813)875-0555 for an appointment to discuss removing the ingrown and preventing it from growing back.

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