Ingrown Toenails in Children

Sometimes kids can have pain along the side of their toenail caused by an ingrown toenail.

Ingrown toenails in Children, Why do they happen?

Usually, ingrown toenails are caused by the shape of the nail which is hereditary. If mom, dad, or grandma has a history of ingrown toenails, most likely your child may eventually develop one too.

ingrown toenails in childrenOther causes for ingrown toenails in children can be associated with tight-fitting shoes, stubbing their toe, or cutting the nail too lose to the skin. Basically, anything that irritates the skin surrounding the nail causing inflammation and pain can cause an ingrown toenail.

Once the nail becomes ingrown and painful, there are some easy steps you can try at home before seeing a podiatrist.


  • Try soaking the toe in Epsom salt once to twice a day for 10 minutes to soften the skin and alleviate irritation to the toe.
  • If this doesn’t work you can apply antibiotic ointment and a band-aide which can help calm down redness and swelling to the skin beside the nail.

If you’ve tried both of these methods and the toe is still red, swollen and painful, then it’s time to come to Advanced Podiatry. Our doctors understand how scary it can be for children to visit the doctor. That’s why when we have kids come to the office for an ingrown toenail, our staff has been highly trained to accommodate the needs of children and spend extra time making them comfortable in the doctor’s office. We take the time to show them around the office and spend time talking to them about their favorite activities as well.

When you visit Advanced Podiatry about your child’s ingrown nail, there are multiple options we can provide to relieve ingrown toenails in children. Treatment options include:

  • Removing the ingrown toenail carefully with or without numbing medication depending on the severity of pain associated with the ingrown toenail. Once the ingrown is removed, we continue to monitor the toe for recurrence of the ingrown toenail several months after removal.
  • Permanently removing the ingrown toenail is also an option which does not allow the ingrown nail to grow back. In this procedure a chemical is used to prevent the ingrown piece of the nail from recurring. This involves using anesthesia around the toe so that the chemical application does not cause any discomfort. This procedure can be performed in an office setting or at an ambulatory surgery center.  Our doctors will discuss which environment is appropriate for your child.
  • Antibiotics, taken by mouth or topically, can also be used alone or with one of the above procedures if there is concern for infection at the site of the ingrown nail.

Every child’s treatment is not the same for a painful, ingrown nail. So call Advanced Podiatry at  (813) 875-0555 for an appointment with our doctors, and let us help your child with his or her painful ingrown toenail today! We specialize in ingrown toenails in children.

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