Get Active With Your Kids – Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic

Diabetes Type II is sprouting up in kids at an alarming rate with the obesity epidemic still on the rise. Gone are the times when you can tell your kids without fear to go outside and play in the neighborhood while you finish house chores. Enter video games, television and internet. Unfortunately, these forms of entertainment have replaced running around the neighborhood riding bicycles. Hence the rise of obesity and diabetes in kids.

obesity kidsSo now we have to make a commitment to our children to prevent them from sitting for hours in front of a tv or a computer screen. Get involved in getting your kids active! Take advantage of the Sunshine State’s parks with regular bike rides, kayaking or rollerblading. Enroll in local sporting activities, join the YMCA or start a work-out routine at home. Whatever the activity is, just get them moving!

If your child doesn’t want to be more active because he or she has “tired feet and legs” or is experiencing pain in the heel or arches, don’t blow it off as just some growing pains. Call Advanced Podiatry and let the doctors at Advanced Podiatry perform an evaluation of your child’s feet so you and your child can commit to a healthy, active lifestyle!

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