Kids Need Orthotics Too!

Orthotics are not only used for athletes, older adults or people with severe foot deformities anymore! Orthotics can be used to treat several pediatric conditions as well. Some of the most common problems in the child’s foot are flat feet, heel pain and arch pain. Even children experiencing knee pain can be treated with orthotics. Children’s orthotics can help support the arch and redistribute pressure more evenly on the bottom of the foot as well as reduce strain to the knee.

kids orthoticsOne of the biggest concerns parents have about orthotics is the expense. A growing child can go through several pairs of orthotics before he or she stops growing. Although orthotics can be expensive, Advanced Podiatry has special inserts, designed for children, which are more cost-effective than standard orthotics. They can also be easily replaced in the office after your child out-grows them.
So if you’ve noticed your child limping after walking, complaining of “tired feet,” or heel pain, then it’s time to figure out why your child is experiencing pain! Don’t wait! Even though kids may have “growing pains,” some types of pain will not go away on their own. Allow the doctors at Advanced Podiatry to help with your child’s foot pain by calling Advanced Podiatry at 813-875-0555. See if your child is a candidate for orthotics today!

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