Plantar Fibromas

What is a plantar fibroma?

A fibroma is typically a benign fibrous tissue mass that can occur anywhere on the body. Plantar fibromas occur on the soles of the feet, typically underneath the arch of the foot. There is a fascia that runs along the bottom of our feet, known as the plantar fascia and this the area where a fibroma develops. They are a common occurrence and may or may not cause pain, depending on their location on the foot. It is not uncommon to see multiple fibromas on one or both of your feet.

How is a plantar fibroma diagnosed?

If you suspect a mass on the bottom of your foot, it is important to have it checked out immediately, whether it causes you pain or not. Your local podiatrist will clinically asses the mass and may use additional diagnostic testing such as ultrasound and Xrays to further evaluate. In some cases, an MRI may be warranted if the mass is growing at unusually fast speeds or changes in appearance.

How are plantar fibromas treated?

Plantar fibromas can be treated in a number of ways. Conservative therapy should always be considered first before any surgery. Conservative therapy can include orthotics to help alleviate pressure to the area and properly align your foot. Steroid injections may be used to decrease inflammation to the area and in turn, they may decrease the size of the fibroma. Alcohol sclerosing injections may be used if the patient has no success with the steroid injections. Compound creams can be used to help break up the fibroma, along with massage therapy from a physical therapist. New techniques, such as shock wave therapy, have been deemed affective in treating plantar fibromas as well. If conservative therapy fails, surgical excision can be considered to remove the fibroma in its entirety. Your doctor will discuss in detail with you the procedure and the post-operative course.

What should you do if you suspect a plantar fibroma?

If you suspect you have a plantar fibroma, whether it is painful or not, do not wait to have it checked out. Here at Advanced Podiatry, we have the latest treatment modalities to diagnose and treat your condition. We will thoroughly explain your treatment options and get you headed in the right direction. Please call us at 813-875-0555.