Ozone Therapy for Foot, Ankle and Knee Pain

WHAT IS OZONE Therapy for foot ankle and knee pain.

Ozone treatments are a form of Regenerative Medicine. Prolozone Therapy, developed by Dr. Shallenberger is a non-surgical, cortisone free treatment to regenerate and rebuild weakened joints, ligaments and tendons to relieve your pain permanently. It is also producing excellent results in people that suffer from neuropathy.  The treatment uses ozone to naturally start the bodies healing and regeneration process, thus treating the cause of your foot, ankle and knee pain.


Prolozone works by increasing oxygen to areas of damaged connective tissues. These areas generally have low oxygen levels and decreased blood flow thus decreasing their ability to heal.  In addition, swelling and inflammation to these damages areas results in further decreases of oxygen needed for healing and repair. With low oxygen levels to the damaged area, the body is unable to start the healing process and this is why many people don’t get better with treatments.  They actually worsen as this cycle of damage, inflammation and decreased oxygen never ends. Even though there are stem cells and growth factors available in the body to heal the area, they are unable to reach the area due the low amounts of oxygen and blood flow to the area.

When oxygen levels and blood flow are increased through ozone treatments, stem cells can rapidly grow and lead to natural healing of painful foot, ankle and knee areas.  In addition, all of the nutrients necessary for repair will rush to the painful area. This allows growth of new cartilage cells, tendons and ligaments with greater blood supply. These treatments can repair new injuries and old injuries alike.  Ozone also does much more than this as it actually alters the bodies healing pathways and turns chemicals on that promote healing.  Ozone is truly a spectacular molecule when used according to our comprehensive treatment plan.


Ozone is a safe naturally-occurring type of oxygen. Ozone has been used in the practice of medicine for about 100 years. Oxygen naturally has two molecules attached to each other, O2. Ozone is essentially O2 with an added single molecule of oxygen making O3. When the ozone is introduced into the damaged foot and ankle area, the single molecule of oxygen splits from the other 2 causing high levels of regular oxygen plus single oxygen molecules in the tissue. This combination is so powerful that it immediately leads to the bodies innate ability start rebuilding  joints, ligaments and  tendons.


Your podiatrist will examine the areas of pain. Treatment may begin the same day. Anesthetics are used during the treatment for comfort and additional natural substances may also be used to enhance healing. Most people will require 3-5 treatment  sessions for the best outcomes. Everyone will respond differently and each case will be evaluated separately. In some cases ozone may be used in combination with prolotherapy or platelet rich plasma.  In addition, they will use other nutrients and natural substances in the treatment to enhance the function of Ozone and healing potential. Since Ozone must be made and used quickly, the podiatrist makes the healing molecules just prior to giving you your treatment.

Prolozone is a natural time-tested safe and effective treatment that directly treats the cause of pain. Traditional medicine typically treats the symptoms, regenerative medicine treats the cause and leads to true healing. Ozone treatments should be considered as a first line treatment to treat foot, ankle and knee pain and disorders instead of treatments involving prescription medications, steroid injections and especially surgery.

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