Shockwave and EPAT for Heel Pain

The Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy or EPAT  is a type of shockwave therapy.  This particular device is ideal for all types of heel pain relief in a comfortable office setting.  When you are not getting relief from traditional treatments or you want to avoid traditional opened surgery, EPAT can be an excellent option for you.

The procedure works by stimulating the damaged heel tissues and encouraging the body to wake up and start the healing process.  This stimulation increases blood flow to the area and attracts healing cells that will repair the damaged area and remove the swelling.  In addition, the nerves that cause pain are over-stimulated resulting in decreased pain and sensitivity to the heel area.

Essentially, the EPAT treatment initiates the bodies powerful healing system without the use of drugs.  As a matter of fact, use of anti-inflammatory medication is discouraged.  These medications stop the good inflammation that is triggered by the EPAT therapy and are essential to healing.

In some cases, the EPAT system is used with a cold laser system to produce exceptional results.

If you need relief from heel pain, call for an immediate appointment to discuss this exciting treatment.