Custom Arch Supports – Inserts And Orthotics

Custom arch supports, inserts and orthotics can relieve your foot and ankle pain.

The key to many of your foot, ankle and leg pains are proper support and stability of the foot and ankle Stability and function of the foot can be greatly improved using custom arch supports or orthotic device. There is no better trained professional than a podiatrist to treat your foot, ankle and knee pain with orthotic devices or arch supports.  Podiatrists go through extensive training in foot function and mechanics necessary to treat your pain with orthotic devices. Just as eyeglasses are not a simple piece of glass, orthotics and arch supports are not a simple piece of plastic.  The expertise of the podiatrist is the key to getting the best fitting arch support for your diagnosis or condition.  The materials used for your orthotic are just the beginning of the process to return your foot and ankle to proper function and health.  Orthotics should be viewed as a specialized arch support to allow your feet to last a lifetime!

When you stand or walk, your arch may not be able to hold your body properly.  As the arch structures weaken, your foot and ankle fall inward and your support structure becomes compromised.  This causes abnormal function of the muscles and tendons of your foot and ankle.  Some become weakened while others become stressed because they are working too hard and this is not their purpose.  Over time, these structures may become so stressed that they can tear or become severely strained.  This is where an arch support can help.

Another important structure that becomes weakened and injured is the large flat band on the bottom of your foot known as the plantar fascia.

With weakened and injured foot tendons and muscles comes abnormal bone position and then pain and injury develop in the foot and ankle.  Without proper diagnosis, treatment and function, you may develop ongoing pain and frequent injuries.

The custom arch supports or orthotics will fully support the bony structure of your foot allowing your tendons, muscles and fascia to function more normally.  This is especially important while you are exercising or placing stress throughout the day on your feet and ankles.

As your arch drops and weakens, your foot develops imbalances leading to joint pain, bunions, hammertoes, foot and ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis.  When these problems occur, the stress is then placed on your ankles, knees, hips and back.  So treatment of all of these areas will begin with the foot and the use of orthotic arch support.

Custom arch supports or orthotic devices may be used as a treatment for many conditions but can also be used for prevention of your pain, deformities and injuries.

At Advanced Podiatry we use a specialized advanced orthotic technology that provides you with a very thin, supportive and functional arch support device. Unlike other devices,  these are unique as they have a marine-grade anti-microbial coating.  This prevents bacteria and fungus from growing on the devices. A unique feature compared to other orthotic devices is that these will fit in most shoes and will flex as you move, allowing the normal joint and muscle motion to occur. This offers you great advantages over other devices.

If you suffer from any of the above problems or want to prevent problems, call the Drs. at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa to be evaluated to see if custom arch supports are the treatment for you!

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