Prescription Orthotics

Orthotics are custom made devices that are designed to reduce pain and are worn in shoes. Due to advances in technology they can be made to fit everything from athletic shoes to high heel shoes. Two basic types of orthotics are available, accommodative and functional.


Accommodative orthotics are used to cushion, pad or reduce pressure points or injured areas of the foot. They are made from a wide variety of soft materials and usually cover the entire foot. This type of orthotic is most often used with arthritic, neuropathic or severely deformed feet. They have the advantage of being easy to wear and adapt well. The drawback of this type of orthotic is that it is not very durable and they are sometimes bulky.


Functional orthotics are used to modify foot mechanics so as to reduce or eliminate abnormal forces on the foot, ankle or leg. It is the abnormal forces on the foot, ankle and leg that cause pain. Thus by correcting these forces the source of the pain is addressed directly. Functional orthotics are quite effective at treating all pain that is caused by abnormal mechanics. Functional orthotics are most often made from heat molded plastics and may have one or more additional components to address specific problem spots on the foot. Many professional and amateur athletes use functional orthotics to improve their foot health. However, they are excellent for everyday use as well.  The advantages of functional orthotics is that they are durable, usually fit into most shoes and can be adjusted fairly easily.

Advanced Podiatry provides same-day customized orthotic devices using advanced technology that allows for excellent control of your unstable foot while still being comfortable.

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