Sweaty Feet, Hyperhydrosis

You can sweat from almost anywhere on your body. Most people notice when their hands sweat excessively, especially during meetings because of hand shakes. A lot of people don’t notice when their feet sweat though. Feet can sweat excessively just like your hands and it is known as hyperhydrosis. Some key things to look for are moist, damp socks when you take them off, moist shoes, or leaving foot prints on tiled floors. If this happens to you, you should call us today for treatment.

Excessively moist feet and excessively dry feet can cause microscopic tears and cracks in your skin. It is very important to maintain you skins natural balance and prevent this from happening. If you have excessively moist skin, this can lead to a fungus (athletes foot) or even warts. The microscopic cracks and tears make the perfect portal for these things to enter the skin with.

If your skin it too wet, it is important to use antiperspirant on your feet, just like you do under your arms. You can always try over the counter antiperspirant and see if that helps. Roll­ons and gels work best, solids and sprays tend to clump together and leave a white residue in your shoes/socks. If this does not help control the moisture, your doctor can give you a prescription for a stronger antiperspirant.

There are other treatments available for hyperhydrosis, such as botox injections, which help close the sweat glands. Your doctor will evaluate you and find the appropriate treatment options that fit your need. If you suffer from sweaty feet, call us today at (813) ­875-­0555!