What Are the Symptoms of Heel Pain?

Symptoms of heel pain!

Heel Pain often presents as pain on the bottom of the heel and the inside of the arch where the heel and arch meet.  These are the most common symptoms of heel pain. This pain will typically occur in the morning and after sitting for a while.  Upon standing, the pain can be quite severe making it difficult to walk for the first few step. This pain may improve as the band on the bottom of the heel, plantar fascia, relaxes and warms up.  For many people, the pain may return towards the end of the day and while driving. Pain can be sudden and sharp or a dull ache.  It is common for some people to have burning that can be present with walking and even when relaxing and off of the foot.

Heel spurs may be present on the bottom of the heel.  However, these typically are not the source of pain.  The pain results from inflammation of the large plantar band leading to the condition known as plantar fasciiits.

Pain that occurs on the back of the heel more commonly occurs with overuse of the Achilles tendon.  This may be called Achilles tendonitis, but in severe cases could represent an Achilles tear.  You may have similar stiffness in the morning but may still feel discomfort with each step, especially when using stairs.  If the bone is enlarged on the back of the heel, pain may be present when your shoe hits the area or when the bed compresses the area.  This bone enlargement is called a “pump bump” or Haglund’s deformity.

If you have these symptoms and have not gotten relief, don’t wait to seek treatment.  The longer the condition persists the harder it may be to treat.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area and have any of these problems, contact us for an immediate appointment.  Don’t let heel pain get the best of you!

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