Tampa Foot Orthotic Center

At Tampa Foot Orthotic Center in Tampa, Florida, we provide you with customized advanced orthotic devices developed and fitted by our podiatrists. We are not a store with minimally-trained employees.  We are doctors, so we can diagnose your medical condition and provide you with the correct custom orthotic device.  We often see people that have orthotic centerbeen diagnosed incorrectly by staff at stores and they have fractures and torn structures that go missed and cause extreme harm. Your feet must last a lifetime so see a trained foot doctor for the best treatment and orthotic devices. Watching your walking or running on a treadmill is inaccurate as you are confined to the platform and your stride is abnormal. Everyone that walks or runs does not over-pronate. So get the best possible care and leave it to the experts, your local podiatrist.

At Tampa Foot Orthotic Center, we start with a thin heat moldable plastic that has a coating that resists bacteria and fungus from growing. The device is custom molded to your foot and adjusted based on your foot type and foot problems that are specific to you.  So each device is highly customized using many factors developed by Advanced Podiatry. The orthotic have flex which allows you to regain your shock absorption so you have lees chance of ankle, knee, hip and back pain. Our orthotics are dynamic and allow you to have normal motion but not excessive motion. With this feature, your muscles will remain strong because they will continue to full function during all activities.  These devices are the newest idea in orthotic fabrication. We have successfully used these devices for around 10 years and they are time tested. We have found that our orthotics typical last for 5 years.

These specialized orthotic devices produced at the Tampa Foot Orthotic Center can be used with any exercise in even the most demanding activities like football and triathlons. They have no limitations. They are also excellent options for casual walkers and those doing simple exercise. Orthotics are excellent options for kids of all ages to relieve their pain and allow them to participate in running and other sports.

This is not the case with many standard orthotics which are made of very hard unforgiving materials. Many of these devices are provided by podiatrists as these types of devices have been the standard for 30 years. These hard materials do not allow for shock absorption. They lock your foot and the muscles, joints and tendons do not function as the should. This often leads to increased pain and weakening of your foot and ankle structures.

The Tampa Foot Orthotic Center is your best option for medical care and properly prescribed orthotic devices to allow you to live pain free.

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