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Heel pain is one of the most common problems seen at the Tampa Heel Pain Center.  Other terms commonly used for heel pain include heel spur and plantar fasciitis. This type of pain typically occurs on the bottom of the heel.  Pain on the back of the of the heel where the bone may be enlarged may be called a “pump bump” or Haglund’s deformity and is often associated with pain and inflammation of the achilles tendon.  Heel pain has practically become an epidemic, affecting all ages, body types and those with various activity levels.

The pain often occurs in the morning when getting out of bed and after sitting for periods of time and then standing.  As you walk you may find that the pain eases as the heel tissues stretch out and the area warms.
The Tampa Heel Pain Center is dedicated to answering your questions about heel problems and also providing you with information regarding treatments that are available.

Advanced Podiatry takes pride in offering patients advanced options that are non-invasive and minimally-invasive to help solve heel pain. He has formed the Tampa Heel Pain Center within his practice to provide you with the most progressive treatments for your heel problems. We try to get you better without using steroids or surgery and we have had excellent success.  We are continuously evaluating advanced techniques to offer you the best outcomes available.

We offer Regenerative Medicine treatments and CryOzone Plus treatments for heel pain.

Please browse through the site to become knowledgeable and then if you believe that you have a problem, call Advanced Podiatry to get an appointment.

Start the process to return to your activities and regain your quality of life.

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