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Ingrown toenails are a common problem from childhood onward. Tampa Ingrown Toenail Center can help you!

This condition is one of the most common problems seen by podiatrists in their office.  Ingrown toenails may be a minor problem that can be dealt with at home.  However, eventually the problem becomes more severe and must be handled by a professional.  The problem can be more or less severe than the picture noted to the right.  This represents an infected ingrown toenail.  Prior to this problem, most people experience pain on the side of the nail with some possible redness.   Their may be soreness only in shoes or with activities.  However, when left untreated, an infection is likely and this makes the treatment more involved.  Please browse this site for all of the information needed to understand the condition and treatments.

Many people seek treatment by untrained people at salons when they receive a pedicure. This can often lead to worsening ingrown toenails and infections.  Many of these facilities do not properly clean their instruments and this can result in significant problems.  In addition, cutting into the corner of an ingrown toenail can lead to some temporary relief, however, this often makes the problem worse in the long-term.  When the corner is cut out, a deep spike of nail is often left behind eventually leading to an infection of the toe. We ask that you seek the care of a podiatrist for any ingrown toenail problems. We specialize in this problem at the Tampa Ingrown Toenail Center.

If you suffer from ingrown toenail, call the Tampa Ingrown Toenail Center in Tampa for an immediate appointment and finally get rid of your ingrown toenails!

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