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Welcome to Advanced Podiatry Pediatric Foot Pain website!  We have specifically designed this website for parents and their children who are seeking information about children’s foot pain, causes and treatments.  There are major differences in pediatric foot pain versus adult foot pain, and they are not always treated in the same manner either!  That’s why it is important for Advanced Podiatry to have a website dedicated to common foot and ankle problems that occur in kids, how to identify them at home, and when to seek treatment. We help relieve pediatric foot pain in a caring environment.

The podiatrists at Advanced Podiatry have helped alleviate foot pain in hundreds of kids and teenagers already at the Advanced Podiatry office, but there are still a lot of parents who haven’t been to our office asking, “What is normal growing pain versus abnormal pain in my child’s foot and ankle?”  And that is exactly why we created this website!  So you can review the information at the convenience of your home and make a knowledgeable decision as to whether your child should come see us.

pediatric foot painIt is common for children to be apprehensive to talk to their parents about foot or ankle pain that they may be experiencing.  Usually parents may notice their child walking funny, not wearing certain shoes, quitting activities he or she used to enjoy, or purposely hiding their feet so you don’t see them.  These are all common signs of discomfort that parents notice and discuss with us during their child’s first visit to Advanced Podiatry.

Whether your child is 3 years old or a teenager, our doctors at Advanced Podiatry help make them feel comfortable offering a friendly atmosphere and sense of humor.  Our staff has also been trained to help children feel more comfortable in the exam rooms and calm down any fears or apprehension about coming to the doctor’s office.

Whether you’re worried about your child’s ingrown toenail or heel pain from playing sports, no concern is ever considered too small at Advanced Podiatry.  So please feel free to browse through our website and call the office for an appointment with the doctors at Advanced Podiatry to help your child have pain-free, happy feet!

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