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Advanced Podiatry Has the Newest Toenail Fungus Laser Technology!

At Advanced Podiatry, we stay on the cutting edge of technology to bring you the best new innovations for ugly toenails and toenail fungus. Now the TLC procedure has gotten even better.  We have now added the newest advanced laser to give you even better treatment results.

Advanced Podiatry is the only one in Tampa Bay that provides you with this amazing toenail fungus laser treatment.

Advanced Podiatry now uses the Diowave 30 watt for your toenail fungus laser treatment. This adds a totally different mechanism to remove your fungus.  The Diowave is a lower wavelength causing high oxygen levels in the skin and nail leading to fungal death. Treatment consists of 6 treatments 4 weeks apart.  The Diowave does not work by heating the nail.  This is the old method of treatment. There is no reason to suffer through a treatment with high heat.

Advanced Podiatry has done it again. The ToeLaze Complete procedure, also known as the TLC procedure uses the latest Diowave laser, the treatment is even more superior.

toenail fungus laserMost physicians use the laser with typical protocols and settings and treat the nails using heat to destroy fungus. In order for the heat to be high enough to kill fungus it must be very high and uncomfortable. Toenail fungus is highly resistant to treatments and that is why topical medications alone don’t work and even strong oral medications have a low success rate. The oral medications can also cause liver damage, loss of taste, stomach problems and other ailments. We have methods of improving safety with oral medications.

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When having a toenail fungus laser treatment, many different areas of the nail and nail bed require intense treatment. The most resistant area is the skin of the nail bed.  It is not just the surface of the skin but the fungal infection is within the actual skin layer. This is often the same infection that causes athlete’s foot. Most laser and laser protocols do only a fair job of penetrating this layer and treating long enough to kill the fungus. Other areas that carry the infection include the actual nail plate itself and the nail surface. Nail discoloration with dark yellow, brown and black is a result of infection extending through the nail and attached to the nail bed. The surface fungus will often look white and be at the base of the nail and along the sides, the nail grooves. So the problem is multi-faceted and requires a well thought out protocol for optimal results.

Advanced Podiatry has developed the ToeLaze Complete (TLC) Procedure over time based on extensive research and vast experience with patients. We have refined the protocol and it will likely continue to evolve over time. This is the most successful toenail fungus laser treatment.

There are 2 major components to the TLC Procedure. The first is the typical raising of temperature to kill the fungus. This has been replaced by the latest laser technology that produces high oxygen levels to kill fungus without heat discomfort!

The second component involves the use of the actual red light laser beam to cause photo-inactivation of the fungus leading to the destruction of the genetic material of the fungus. This can only be accomplished through prolonged exposure to the laser beam with settings altered to again evenly and completely affect all layers. This is done through multiple passes over the nail. At Advanced Podiatry we believe that this mechanism provides a much greater amount of fungal death and the inability of the fungus to reproduce and reinfect the nail. Our new laser has proven wavelengths that cause toenail fungus death and these are different than the laser over the past 5 years.

It is easy to see that the TLC Procedure takes a simple laser technique and elevates the laser treatment to an extraordinary procedure with superior results. This is a technique that separates Advanced Podiatry from other Toenail Fungus Laser providers.

While there is no absolute cure for toenail fungus infections, the TLC Procedure is the closest you will get! In addition, there are excellent maintenance options to prevent recurrence of fungal infections. In very severe cases some patients have infections deep within the base and growth area of the nail and may require nail removal followed by the toenail fungus laser treatment still using the TLC protocol.


Advanced Podiatry Develops a New Laser Treatment Protocol to Destroy Toenail Fungus.

Look no further, Advanced Podiatry uses the most advanced laser technique in the Tampa Bay Area to get rid of your fungal toenails. While there are other lasers and other physicians performing laser fungus removal, none compare to Advanced Podiatry’s expertise and experience using advanced technology.  That is why we frequently upgrade to the latest toenail fungus laser technology available.

We do not offer or require prepaid packages for this service.

You can only have this advanced toenail fungus laser treatment at Advanced Podiatry. If you are ready to have your toenail fungus removed, have it done by the best!

If you have a Flex-Spending Account, an HSA or an HRA your treatment would qualify for use of healthcare savings dollars.

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Questions and Answers

Why Should I Choose Advanced Podiatry for My Laser Treatment?
Advanced Podiatry is a leader with extensive experience and expertise providing patients with the latest advanced medical treatments.  Advanced Podiatry is known for improving and modifying technologies to provide the best results for you.

How Does the Diowave Work?
The Diowave works by causing high oxygen levels to form in the nail and skin.  This leads to fungal death.  In addition, the unique laser light wavelengths are a second method of causing fungal death.  So you are getting an advanced hybrid treatment that you find only at Advanved Podiatry!

Is the Treatment Painful? Is it Safe?
The laser provides a comfortable safe controlled treatment beyond most lasers since it does not treat using heat. You will not feel excessive heat like other lasers. In studies to date, there have been no side effects, complications or adverse reactions.  The Diowave meets the highest safety standards and is FDA cleared for podiatry and dermatology treatments.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?
The treatment takes about 15-20 minutes for 10 toes.  According to the latest research, a single treatment is not the best option for the patient.  At Advanced Podiatry we provide you with 4 toenail fungus laser treatments; however, treatment plans will be individualized for each patient.

Will this Treatment be Covered by Insurance?
Laser treatment of nail and skin conditions is not covered by insurance plans as it is considered a cosmetic treatment. There are no codes available to submit to insurance. However, if you have a Flex-Spending Account, an HSA or an HRA the treatment may qualify for use of healthcare savings dollars. Please feel free to contact our offices for more information on fees.

What are the Treatment Costs?
The laser treatment is $150 per visit. This includes nail solution, a topical skin cream, and an anti-fungal shoe spray. You may require up to six treatments to eradicate the toenail fungus.

How Soon Will I See Improvement?
On average, a toenail will replace itself every 9-12 months. Healthy new growth will be visible within the first 2 months as your nails continue to grow following the laser toenail fungus treatment.

Does the Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Really Work?
At Advanced Podiatry we have gotten excellent results over the past 5-6 years after treating thousands of patients.  While the toenail fungus laser treatment does not work for everyone, laser is still the best treatment available today. Results indicate that most of treated patients show significant improvement and in most cases, fungal nails are completely cleared.  We have many techniques and remedies to help your nails remain fungus-free after your treatments. A maintenance program is essential to your long-term success.  We will provide you with an individualized maintenance plan.

How Do I Prepare for My Toenail Fungus Laser Treatments

  • Remove all polish, lotions and skin care products, making certain that the skin of the foot and nail bed are completely dry prior to treatment.
  • In most cases we will provide you with a relaxing soak prior to your laser treatment.  This special solution will enhance the effectiveness of the laser treatment.  We use disposable soaking inserts to avoid infections.
  • Debridement (trimming and grinding) of thickened nails might be necessary prior to laser treatment.

Post Procedure Care and Preventative Measures

  • Wear comfortable shoes and hosiery that allow your feet some breathing space.
  • Wear shoes, sandals or flip-flops in community showers or locker rooms.
  • Wash your feet every day, scrubbing your nails with disinfecting soap, drying them thoroughly.  There is no need to use anti-fungal soap.
  • Use our anti-fungal advanced nail liquid daily.
  • Wear clean socks or stockings every day.
  • Keeping toenails trimmed.
  • Disinfect pedicure tools before and after you use them.
  • If using nail polish, we recommend anti-fungal nail polish available in the office.
  • We highly recommend our laser maintenance program to keep your nails clear long term.