Advanced Podiatry Case Study:  Orthotics Relieve Numbness in a Runner’s Feet

Last year, 16 year old girl presented to our office complaining of numbness and tingling on the bottom of her feet.  Upon further questioning, she was a competitive cross-country runner who would only experience these symptoms while running.  She states that it gets worse with the more miles that she logs during her run and […]

Orthotics Are Important for Foot and Ankle Pain

Is foot pain normal? Are the Dr. Scholl inserts good enough? Are Happy Feet Orthotics custom? The answer to all three questions is a resounding NO!  Foot pain is not normal and you should seek a podiatrist to help solve your problem. The Dr. Scholl inserts may help temporarily.  The material they use is weak and therefore will not […]

Flat feet and Collapsed Arches Can Be Treated

Recently I performed a flat foot reconstruction on a pediatric patient and it made me realize that this problem is common among all age groups and also a variety of body types. In my experience, seven year old patients who weigh 120 pounds can have just as severe symptoms when compared to their adult counterparts. […]

Flatfoot in Adults – What Are Your Options?

Your options for adult flatfoot! During my time in Chicago, I had the honor of working with some of the finest foot and ankle surgeons in the country and I took advantage of all of their precious knowledge. One particular area of expertise that I have extensive experience in is the adult and pediatric flatfoot. […]