Fish Pedicures Causes Nails to Fall Off!

Recent news came out about a seemingly healthy girl in her 20’s whose toenails gradually began looking disfigured and falling off.  She waited over 6 months before seeking the help of a dermatologist who was baffled by her condition. After much questioning, they traced issue back to a spa where she got a pedicure given […]

Flip Flops Can Lead to Foot Pain

Flip flop season is in full swing in Florida and it’s not a good thing. Our office has seen a drastic increase in people who come in with heel pain.  The flimsy footwear is often the blame for the aches and pains that our patient’s complain about.  They provide minimal to no protective or structural […]

They did what to his leg!

Before you make an appointment with any podiatrist, ask yourself first if they’re a Healthy Feet Doctor.  We guarantee you that we will never make you use your foot as a head rest.  You’re probably thinking to yourself – no doctor would ever make anybody do that. Wrong! This past month, pictures and video emerged […]

Easy Tips to Fight Diabetes

Now that fried turkey and pumpkin pie season is in the rear view mirror, we can finally start being mindful of what we eat.  No more excuses! This is especially important for our diabetic patients and those who are at high risk of developing diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association,  there were over 30 […]