Do you have “Summer feet”?

Growing up in a suburb of Philadelphia it was always an ordeal adjusting our baby soft feet to the rigors of barefoot walking in the summer. Come September our feet would be callused and tough, capable of surviving even the hottest pavement! Who knew some 30 years later this would be my first lesson in […]

Help! I Have a Curly Fifth Toe!

A curly fifth toe, aka adductovarus of the fifth digit is a very common complaint of many patients. The fifth digit is notorious for rubbing against the inside of the shoe and the curling of the digit makes it even worse. Here is how we can make your curly digit feel better. Conservative Methods Taping of the […]

Bone Tumors

Bone Tumors can cause lumps on the top of the foot. There are several bone tumors of the foot and the most common are typically benign in nature. The two most common benign tumors of the foot are the osteochondroma and osteoid osteoma. Both of these lesions can cause a lump in the soft tissue of the […]