Children With Heel Pain During Activities

Kids living in the Tampa area never stop playing sports. In fact, they play multiple sports all year round. We are big promoters of an active lifestyles, and it’s a fact that daily exercise can reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes significantly. Unfortunately, too much of anything can cause problems. Children who engage […]

Heel Pain – Advanced Options

In our final third installment of our blog regarding heel pain we will be discussing two minimally invasive surgical techniques that are proven methods of treating chronic plantar fasciitis. First let’s recap the previous techniques that we have discussed. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is a technology that utilizes energy to stimulate healing and regeneration […]

Heel Pain – Regenerative Treatments with PRP and Ozone

Heel pain is quite possibly the most common foot problem that the general population endures at some point in their life. So why not have several options to choose from when trying to alleviate it. The 2nd part of the heel pain series will be focusing on a combination technique used uniquely at Advanced Podiatry […]

Treating heel pain without surgery – ESWT, Prolotherapy and Ozone: The Latest Treatments

Heel pain is one of the most common foot ailments seen at most podiatry offices and unfortunately it can also be very challenging to treat as well. The key to treating heel pain is finding the root cause of the problem. At Advanced Podiatry, we have developed novel treatments that are not available in a […]