Why You Should See A Podiatrist For Your Achilles Pain…

Achilles pain is a common injury associated with sports.  Sometimes your Achilles pain may come and go after performing a higher intensity or longer work-out than what you normally do.  But when you start to develop Achilles pain that won’t go away after a couple of days, you need to seek professional help. Now I […]

Podiatrist Sees Foot Pain in Tampa! Is It Normal?

People in Tampa are walking around all day with foot and ankle pain.  People in Tampa are working out and playing sports with foot and ankle pain.  Well it’s not normal to have foot and ankle pain. So what are the excuses for not seeing your podiatrist?  Well many say that, it will work itself out and get better […]

Pain in the Back of Your Heel?

Everyone talks about pain in the bottom of their feet and that notorious word “plantar fasciitis” is everywhere on-line.  But what if you’re experiencing pain in the back of your heel?  Don’t assume it’s plantar fasciitis!!  It may be Achilles tendinitis, where the Achilles gets inflamed at the insertion site at of the Achilles tendon […]