Bobo Wilson Foot Surgery

It’s unofficially Gator Country at Advanced Podiatry however we never like to see anybody suffer a foot or ankle surgery including our upstate rivals, the Florida State Seminoles.  Unfortunately for them, they have lost one of their top play-makers, Bobo Wilson, after he underwent season-ending surgery on his right foot.  At this point, we can […]

Turf toe: What is it and Who gets it? Ask this Tampa Podiatrist!

Turf toe is a commonly acquired sports injury that is most often found in the big toe joint.  Athletes are usually the victim of this injury.  The condition was previously only associated with sports that were played on turf surfaces (hence the name) such as football, soccer, and baseball; however, the injury is becoming more […]

Check out how LeBron James wins basketball games!

What do the feet of four-time MVP players look like?  Well Lebron James has definitely put some serious wear on his feet and you have to wonder how he won two NBA Championships with those biomechanically unstable feet of his? While vacationing in Europe, James’ feet were noticeably flat and his toes crooked.  It appears […]