What is a Plantar Callus?

This is a common question! Plantar simply means the bottom of the foot. Callus is hard skin that forms on the foot. So a plantar callus is hard skin on the bottom of the foot. There are many reasons that hard skin forms on the bottom of the foot. These callus areas usually form when […]

Are Pedicures Safe?

A very common question patients ask me is, “Are Pedicures Safe?”.  The short answer is maybe.  It has been reported that 75% of all nail salons in the US operate without using proper sterilization techniques.  Any public place where many people visit will result in a high level of germs.  This is especially true with pedicures […]

Foot Causes Deadly Texas Biker Shooting

Foot leads to Waco violence! Police stated that the death of nine and arrest of 170 bikers was started when a biker ran over another bikers foot.  After the incident, arguments began in the nearby restaurant followed by fighting and gunshots. The authorities are still unsure of which members actually started the whole incident and […]