Fungal Toenails: The Facts and Treatment Options

Onychomycosis (fungal toenails) Facts Onychomycosis affects approximately five to fifteen percent of the U.S. Population There is a high incidence of fungal toenails in the elderly, with almost 50 percent of patients over 70 years old being infected. Patients with diabetes are four to five times more likely to have onychomycosis than those without diabetes. […]

Is Toenail Fungus Hereditary?

Are you one of the many people that suffer from ugly, discolored toenails? You may have a fungal infection that needs treatment! Fungal toenails appear thickened with a yellowish or brownish discoloration. You may notice extra skin that is accumulating around the skin folds or under your nail as well. Unlike other types of infections, […]

How To Fix Discolored Toenails…

Do you have discolored or ugly toenails?  It’s getting closer to spring, and it’s the perfect time to fix those toenails before sandal season is in full effect! Thickened, discolored or “ugly” toenails are usually caused by a fungal infection.  Fungus is everywhere, in the air and on your skin.  If a toenail is susceptible […]

Going Back To School With Ugly Toenails? Here’s The Solution…

Still embarrassed by your ugly toenails?  Even though the summer’s over, sandals are still an essential down here in Florida.  Don’t go back to school with ulgy toenails!  There’s a new procedure called KERYflex that can solve your  problems.  KERYflex is a chemical compound applied to the top of your nail.  It looks natural and has an […]