Video Warts

Mark:              Hi.  This is Dr. Mark Katz in Tampa at Advanced Podiatry.  Today, we will discuss wart.  As many of you might already know, a wart is a virus and the virus, in particular, on the foot that forms a wart is actually just in the skin and does not go deeper.  But one thing we do note is that these viruses can be pretty resistant.  So you may have tried various treatments at home and they haven’t worked.  Some over-the counter remedies.  You may have seen other physicians and they’ve tried freezing it and chemicals, and things like that.  Maybe it’s still not getting better or may be getting slightly better, or maybe even getting worse.

                        So we have some great solutions for you and the one in particular that I like is laser.  We’ve developed the technique with the laser for warts that has been very successful and we can clear them up much quicker and much more successful.  Basically, the laser will kill the actual virus of the wart and it will cut up the blood supply.

                        Now, the blood supply, you may note that when you’re looking at your wart and you look at the bottom, and you notice some little black dots.  That is actually the blood supply from your foot coming into the wart.  So these warts are pretty sneaky.  They actually take blood supply from your foot so that they can grow and that’s how they keep developing and multiplying.  So we want to stop that and those are the two things that the laser will do.

                        So if you have warts or you have some skin condition and you’re not sure if it’s a wart, come in and visit us at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa at 813-875-0555 or you can visit us on the web at  Remember, don’t wait because these are going to multiply potentially and we want to keep you on your feet and keep you going with your activities.  So give us a call.  Thanks.