Ankle Pain Video

Ankle pain is a common problem that can occur with regular activity, overuse or following a sports injury. In some cases, people can also twist their ankle on a curb. In all of these cases, treatment is necessary to resolve the ankle pain. Ankle pain may be the cause of torn or damaged ankle ligaments or tendons that surround the ankle. In other cases there could be damage to the bones around the ankle or cartilage damage within the joint. X-rays and MRI can be helpful in making a diagnosis. Early treatment will help you avoid further injury and will help you return to your activities more rapidly. If you have ankle pain, contact the foot and ankle doctors at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa Florida for treatment. Get more information on this ankle pain video.

Hi this is Dr. Marc Katz in Tampa at Advanced Podiatry. Today in this ankle pain video, we are going to talk about pain in your ankle. This is part of our ongoing educational series. We have a lot of patients that come in with pain in their ankle. These are the types of things that maybe they had it for a while and it comes and goes. In general, every time they’re walking or when they’re doing activities they have pain in their ankle.


There are several things that we look at. Number one is we want to look at the ankle joint by doing x-rays and sometimes we need to get an MRI or a CT scan to see if there has been some sort of damage to the ankle joint or possibly to the ligaments or tendons around the ankle. Even if you haven’t had an injury, sometimes you can have arthritis in the ankle and this can cause pain, but if you have had an injury in the past, you can start to get some of these symptoms and they may be due to some of the ligament damage or the joint damage. Sometimes there are things that are overlooked and we often can catch something that’s causing it.


In some cases, we can do an exam and not find anything very irregular about the ligaments or tendons or the joint. What we do find is that the actual foot structure is dropping in. When that happens the ankle drops in with it and you have the ankle that’s completely off centered and not working properly. It’s not aligned properly and not functioning properly.
In cases like that then we have a great treatment and it’s called an orthotic. We make a very nice customized orthotic that’s extremely thin. It’s dynamic, different than most orthotics because it flexes slightly. It’s great for runners, casual walkers, everyday use and even marathoners and triathletes. We have plenty of people in them. This can often help you with the pain associated with the ankle. Whether it’s from an injury or whether it’s from the structure of your foot or ankle.


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