Ankle Sprain Video

Ankle Sprain Video

Ankle sprains can occur with normal walking from a mis-step or while wearing high-heeled shoes. In many cases, ankle sprains occur while working out or playing sports. Many professional athletes are side-lined from ankle injuries but are able to fully recover with rapid treatment. If you sprain your ankle, ice and rest the area and decrease your activities. If the problem does not resolve within a few days it is important to see a podiatrist for an exam, x-rays and possibly an ultrasound. In more severe cases, an MRI may be necessary to see if there are fractures and to understand the degree of ankle ligament damage that has occured. If you have sprained yout ankle, contact the foot and ankle doctors at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa Florida for treatment. Watch this ankle sprain video for valuable information.

Hi this is Dr. Marc Katz in Tampa at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa Florida and we’re continuing our educational series to make you educated and help you figure out what types of problems you may have and what type of care to seek. Today I’m going to really discuss a very important topic to many of you and that is ankle sprain. It’s a very common problem.

Ankle sprains are common not only with athletes and casual runners and people that work out, but you can also get ankle sprains just with normal activities or you missed a step or you trip over an object or your dog runs in front of you. It could be a number of things.
Some people are just prone to ankle sprains and that is because the ligaments on the side of the ankle are often weak for various reasons. Sometimes you can be born with that. Other times you could have had previous injury. There are a lot of factors that really come in here, but the bottom line is that if you have an ankle sprain, you really need to have that treated. We like to avoid having surgery for these types of things. The good news is is that an ankle sprain is basically an instability on the sides of the ankle or the back and front of the ankle. That is caused by the ligaments and often the tendon. The source of your pain, assuming that we rule out the possibility of being in your joint, is this soft tissue around the joint and the nerves around the joint.


We have methods of reconstructing your ligaments without any surgery. We call it regenerative medicine or Prolotherapy. This has been an amazing treatment especially for those that are active, because if you have this treatment, it’s multiple treatments, but if you have these treatments you can get back to your activities quickly. You can avoid surgery. You don’t have to be in any special shoes or anything like that.


Sometimes we still have you wear some sort of support during the treatment, but the Prolotherapy is just a wonderful thing that really has helped so many people in our practice. We also have some types of laser therapy, musculoskeletal lasers that have been excellent for ankle sprains. There are options out there that are often aren’t given to you and not talk dab out. I want you to be aware of that. We’re here to try and get you back to your activities, not lay you up with surgery and casts and things. Of course if you have a really severe ankle sprain or a fracture you may need surgery or cash. Our goal is to catch that other population that needs to be informed and we’re here to inform you because we want you to get back to your activity.


If you’ve suffered from an ankle sprain and you continue to have pain and disability from it. You’re not able to do your activities that you want to do, then you need to give us a call at 813-875-0555 in Tampa or you can check us out on the internet at We look forward to helping you out and getting you back to your activity. Thank you for watching this ankle sprain video.