Video Back Heel Pain

Pain on the back of the heel is often due to a pump bump or haglund’s deformity. The achilles tendon may also become involved. Your foot doctor can make the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. Get more information in this video presented by Dr. Marc Katz, a podiatrist at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa.

Hi. This is Dr. Mark Katz in Tampa, and today we’re going to talk about bumps

on the back of the foot or the heel area. The bumps on the back of the heel are

often referred to as pump bumps or Haglund’s deformity. But it’s enlargement

of the bone on the back of heel where the Achilles tendon attaches. This comes

from stress on the back of the heel from the Achilles and certain types of shoes.

That’s why we get the name pump bump. The Achilles tendon, if it’s very tight

and you’re doing activities, you may get excessive pulling against the bone. The

way the bone reacts when it’s pulled excessively and irritated is by building up

more bone. So this is something that can be treated. It is a difficult area

because the shoe hits right on the back and often this can be very problematic.

Some people even have pain on the back even without a shoe touching. Like

here in Florida, we have people that wear a lot of open back shoes and

sometimes they still even get pain in the back.

So there are a lot of treatments and many people fail conservative treatments

and they’re often taken in to have surgery which certainly an option. But at

Advanced Podiatry, we really have many, many alternative options to help you

and we try and go through these alternative options, because we often … I

would say majority of the time can avoid any type of surgery and give you relief.

So if you have problems with the back of your heel or a bump on the back of

your foot, you can call us at 813-875-0555 or on the web at

We look forward to you watching more of our videos.   Thanks so much and have a great day.