Video Ball Of Foot Pain


Ball of Foot Pain is a common condition in the foot that can be caused by many different problems. Watch this video to get information regarding ball of foot pain. Causes may be inflammation of the joints, soft tissue around the joints and nerve damage.

Hi. This is Dr. Katz in Tampa at Advanced Podiatry, and we’re back to discuss pain on the ball of the foot. We try not to use too many medical terms here, and we like to describe it in very simple terms. The ball of the foot would be basically behind the toes on the bottom of the foot. With the hand, you’re basically looking at this area right here. The way you can find it is if you trace back from your toes, and you push on the bottom of your foot, you’ll feel some hard areas, and there’s one behind the toe. That is actually called the metatarsal bone or the metatarsal head, and that makes up the ball of your foot.

People can get pain in the ball of the foot, and there are lots of reasons for that, but we’ll go through a few. Typically, what you’ll do is you may ice the area, you may rest the area, you may buy some type of insert at the store, and you may try all types of different shoes, and you’ll be going out of your way to try all these remedies that people have given you, things you found on the Internet, and you may find that your pain just doesn’t go away, and that’s when you need to see a podiatrist.

What causes ball of the foot pain? That’s a great question. Let me answer that for you. There are a couple of things that can happen. The ball of the foot is made up of the metatarsal, and there’s a joint there that is formed by the toe and the metatarsal bone. That joint can get inflamed, and the tissue around the joint, which we call the capsule, is tissue that can get inflamed, and that can cause pain on the ball of the foot; so when you step down, you may feel pain, aching, sharp shooting pain on the ball of the foot. That is from inflammation, and that is caused by overuse or potentially an injury, running too much, the wrong shoes, not enough support. There’s so many different reasons that can happen.

Also, on the ball of your foot, you should have a pad that’s made up of fat. Sometimes, that thins out, and that can cause pain in that area as well. It’s a fairly complex thing when we’re trying to figure out what’s causing it. If you’ve tried multiple things and you’re not getting relief, you certainly need to come in and see us. Other things that can cause pain on the ball of the foot would be things like an enlarged nerve. An enlarged nerve can be called neuritis, which means inflammation of the nerve. It can be a neuroma, which in some texts or on the Internet or some things that you may read may say nerve tumor. It is not a tumor at all, so dont take that as a tumor. It’s actually an inflammation of the nerve. That occurs between the metatarsal head, which would make up the ball of the foot, and those enlargements of the nerve can actually send sharp shooting radiating pain, numbness, and burning into the toes. It can also occur on the ball of the foot or throughout the ball of the foot, so that’s another source of pain on the ball of the foot.