Video Childrens Foot Problems

Children often suffer from foot problems. However, you as a parent may be the last to know. Kids are excellent at hiding their foot pain and even infections. If you notice that your child seems to decreasing activities, this may be a sign that there is pain. We also recommend that you check your child’s feet periodically for infections around the nails or athlete’s foot which is a fungal infection. Arch pain and heel pain are also common and can be treated by your podiatrist. If your child has foot problems have an exam by a podiatrist so that they can get back to their activities.

Hi.This is Dr. Marc Katz in Tampa continuing our educational series.So we’re going to discuss a couple of things when it comes to children and kids.There are a couple of common problems.One is the ingrown toenail, and those are the types of things that kids get, especially if they’re playing soccer or basketball, or really any sport or running.Sometimes they’ll pick at it and they also like to hide their toes inside their shoes so you don’t see it.One day you may happen to glance at their toe and notice that it’s like four times the size than it should be, and that’s an ingrown toenail with an infection.You come in and we can take care of that for you, but keep a close eye on your kid’s toes.Don’t let them hide them and we can certainly help you out there.

The other problem that we see a lot of is heel pain and that really … it used to occur in some kids that were and is around 15, but now we’re seeing it even like 8 to about 15 or 16.That is on the back of the heel.It’s called calcaneal apophysitis, and that’s a fancy word for inflammation of the growth plate of the heel.Now, that is also called Sever’s disease.It’s not really a disease.It’s really just inflammation of the growth plate.If that occurs, you can always rest the area.Ice it.Get into some comfortable shoes.Use some stretches, but if that’s not working you need to see a podiatrist.

Okay, so the other thing is it’s just generalized foot fatigue and often we make children some inserts to go in their shoes to help them get a little relief.So if your child has problems, let’s catch them early so they can continue to do the activities and to stay fit, and grow up and not have all this foot pain.Let’s catch it early.If your child is having any foot problems, you can reach us here in Tampa at 813-875-0555 or on the web at so much.Have a great day and continue to watch our full educational series. It’s truly educational.