Video Diabetes Foot Complications

The key to avoiding diabetic foot complications is prevention. Keeping your blood sugar well controlled is the first step in helping to avoid infections, circulation problems, ulcers and sores associated with your diabetic condition. At Advanced Podiatry in Tampa Florida, we help you with prevention and can give you comprehensive treatment if you do have problems. If you have diabetes, we recommend seeing a podiatrist on a regular basis and see your foot doctor immediately even you are having a minor problem with your feet.

Hi, it’s Dr. Katz in Tampa of Advanced Podiatry here in Tampa. Today I want to discuss diabetes with you and how it relates to infections and ulcers, which are sores on the feet. This is a very common problem for people with diabetes. Certainly something that you need to avoid if you have diabetes or you have a loved one or friend that has diabetes.

As far as infections go, people with diabetes especially if they have blood sugars that are not well controlled, have a higher incidence of getting infections that may appear to be minor, but can actually turn into infections that have you end up in the hospital because they get severe. If you have any type of infection, if you see redness around the edges of your nails or you see a crack in your skin, or you see any type of lifting of the skin, or you injure your foot and end up with a little bruise that turns into a blister and maybe even a wound; then you need to see a podiatrist immediately.

If you do have an ulcer or an open wound on your foot and you have diabetes and it’s not healing and it’s been a few weeks even and it’s not making progress you need to see a podiatrist and make sure that you’re getting the most advanced treatment available. The longer you wait the higher incidence of you getting some sort of bone infection, which is a deep infection. Unfortunately, some people even lose parts of their foot and even leg. This is a tragedy. These things can be prevented. Not only by keeping your blood sugar under control, but by seeking attention quickly and not letting it linger.

If you’re letting it linger you’re really doing a disservice to yourself. If you’re with a Doctor and they’re just not making it and getting anywhere with your treatment for diabetes and with your ulceration or open sore, you need to get another opinion. See a podiatrist especially and really take great care of your feet if you have diabetes and even if you don’t. I urge you to make sure you keep a close eye on that.

If you’re in the Tampa Bay area and you have any type of diabetes conditions with your feet, then you can contact us at 813-875-0555 and we’d love to help you. We see lots of people with diabetes and treat lots of diabetic infections and ulcers. You can also check us out on We are happy to educate you and give you all the information you need to live a much healthier and productive life. Thank you and have a great day.