Arch Pain Video

Arch Pain Video

Pain in the arch of the foot is one of the most common problems treated by a podiatrist. The pain if ofetn dues to a weakness of the foot structure including bones, joints, ligaments and tendons throughout the foot and ankle. To alleviate arch pain symptoms, your foot doctor will likely recommend arch supports that are customized for your foot. Some people refer to these as insoles or orthotics. Your podiatrist is the best source for customized arch supports. An exam from a doctor is essential before using arch supports or customized insoles to support your foot structure. In some cases there can be other disorders or injuries that can only be diagnosed by your podiatrist. If you have pain in the arch of the foot, have an exam by a podiatrist and get back to the activities that you desire. Call us at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa. 813-875-0555

Hi. Welcome back. This is Dr. Katz at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa. So, today’s topic is arch pain. The arch, for those of you who don’t know, is basically formed on the bottom of your foot and it’s behind the ball of your foot, which is the area behind your toes and in front of your heals, so it’s the mid part of your foot that curves. It’s where the portion of your shoe slightly rises. That arch is an area that can become very painful. It may be associated with heel pain, as well, but some people just get pain in the arch and fatigue in the arch and even discomfort at the end of the day, where the muscles in the arch are just feeling tired and you have tired feet or sad feet and that is basically the source of your arch pain.

I know a lot of you see commercials all day on all these remedies that are out there on the internet, where you can just buy a little pad and sometimes if it’s minor, that’s perfectly fine and that may work for you very well. Anti-inflammatories may work, as well. Ice may work, but really, there are other places that are going to try and get you to get some type of arch pad from some special store and I want to caution you a little bit about that, just because when you’re having arch pain, you really need to understand the cause of the arch pain. It’s not just I have arch pain, I’m going to slip something in there, put a little pad on and we’re done. That is not a way to treat a pair of feet that need to last a lifetime.

So, if you go to one of these stores, you’re not necessarily dealing with someone that has major experience. We go to school for many years. We specialize in the foot and ankle and I would urge you, if you have arch pain, to see a podiatrist.

So, what are we going to do for you? We’re going to examine your foot. We’re going to understand the mechanics of your foot. We’re going to figure out whether this arch pain is coming from some muscle irritation or maybe there’s something else going on that would be totally missed if you just went to a store, because maybe we would x-ray your foot and find there’s something wrong with the bone, there’s arthritis in the bone. Maybe we would ultrasound the bottom of your foot and find a torn ligament or torn fascia band, which is the big band on the bottom of your foot. So, you don’t want to just rely on someone else that’s not able to make an actual diagnosis.

So, if you have arch pain, you owe it to yourself to really have a full exam from a physician and in particular, a podiatrist. So, if you have arch pain and you live in Tampa Bay, call us at 813-875-0555. You can also reach us at and on that site, I have multiple articles that I have written on arch pain, on orthotic devices or arch supports, which we actually make in our office the same day that work great and they really have helped many people like yourself. So, please call us, ask us any questions, come in and see us if you need to get relief. Don’t forget, your feet need to last a lifetime. Thanks and have a great day.