Video – Foot Pain Weight Loss

Dr. Marc Katz discusses a scenario of developing foot pain while exercising to lose weight. Many people will start to lose weight but develop foot pain and stop their exercise routine only to gain back their weight. The process becomes very frustrating and a vicious cycle. At Advanced Podiatry, we will do a thorough exam of your feet and help you return to your exercise and weight loss without having foot pain. Call the foot doctors at Advanced Podiatry and let us help you get back to the activities you desire while you become healthy again! 813-875-0555

Hi this is Dr. Marc Katz in Tampa at Advanced Podiatry and this is part of our

educational series. I want to go through a little scenario with you and see if this

sounds familiar to you. We have a lot of weight gain in our society, even obesity

and everyone is trying to lose weight.

Often what happens is people go on diets and we start to increase our exercise.

I’ve personally been through this myself. What happens is you start your

exercise program, you start losing weight, everything is going really well and

then suddenly you start to get foot pain and you start to think, “Well, all right,

that’s temporary.”

You go out and buy yourself a little pad, maybe take some Advil or use some ice,

which are all excellent, excellent things to try. You keep going and then suddenly

you notice you’re still having the pain. You’re starting to have a hard time. The

diet is going well, but you start to decrease your exercise and then you notice

the weight loss is just not happening anymore.

You start getting frustrated and you start getting depressed and next thing you

know you’re not dieting anymore, you’re not exercising and you start gaining

weight again. It’s a really tough situation and you basically give up and you’re

told that maybe that’s just the way it is. Your feet, they ache and there’s not a

whole lot you can do about it.

There’s nothing further from the truth. If this sounds very familiar to you, there

really are many things that can be done for this. The number one thing to do is

to visit a podiatrist. Often what happens is is that your foot is getting fatigued.

It’s being overworked. It is out of balance. The structure is failing to some

degree. The muscles are weak and your foot structure is not functioning


This is where a podiatrist has great knowledge and you really need to see the

podiatrist. What we can do for you is we can examine your foot and we can

come up with a treatment plan. We can make you specialized customized

orthotic devices.

In our practice we make very thin devices that are very tolerable, not like some

of the thick devices that you see out there. They’re very thin. We make them in

our office. Customize your foot. You leave within the same day. They’re great

for exercise. They’re great for general use. They flex slightly and they’re just

great. We’ve been using them for about eight years and patients love them.

They come back for more to put in other shoes because they work so well for

them. The wonderful part of it is that they’re able to get back to their exercise,

get back on their diet and start losing weight and then they start feeling