Video – Foot Stress Fracture

Fractures of the foot are fairly common and result in an abrupt stop to your daily activities and exercise. Stress fractures require the same treatment as a traditional fracture and require 4-6 weeks of healing. Dr. Katz of Advanced Podiatry in Tampa, discusses the details of stress fractures in this video. It is important to receive early treatment of foot injuries and fractures to allow you to return to your activities quickly. If you have foot pain, have an exam by a podiatrist and get back to the activities that you desire.

Hi. This is Dr. Katz of Advanced Podiatry. Welcome back to some of our videos. We’re in Tampa. Today, we’re going to discuss stress fractures. A stress fracture is a typical fracture of the long bones which in this case in the foot which would be the metatarsal bone and that’s behind the toe and towards the middle of the foot but it can occur in any bone of the foot.

A stress fracture is a regular fracture. In other words, it does require four to six weeks of healing. It is something that needs to be treated immediately. Some people are under the impression that it is not that important. I’m here to tell you that it is extremely important.

Signs and symptoms of stress fracture may be redness, swelling, maybe some bruising, maybe a red circular area on the top of the foot, continued pain even after icing and resting. You need to come in and have an x-ray taken and let us determine whether you do indeed have a stress fracture. In some cases, we have to do an MRI or a CT scan but usually we can do the x-ray. Sometimes, even ultrasound can pick up a very early stress fracture.

The thing to know about stress fracture is that if you don’t treat them, it can turn into a regular fracture which is actually a fracture that separates and becomes harder to treat. The most common question that I get regarding stress fractures would be, “How did it happen? I didn’t do anything strenuous. I didn’t run. I was doing my normal activities and next thing you know I woke up and there it was. There was redness and swelling.” That’s exactly what happens with stress fractures. There is no absolute injury. You could just be doing your regular daily routine, your regular daily walking, your run. You may have done some increased activity like walking at a theme park on Disney. In any case, that’s how they simply occur. In some cases, we’ll have you go to your primary care physician, have your bone density checked to see if maybe you have osteoporosis which is thinning of the bone that occurs often in families.

If you do have redness and swelling, you’re not getting relief, you do need to see a podiatrist. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, come visit us at our office. You can call us at 813-875-0555. You can reach us on the web also at On the site, you can also find more information. Stay informed. We are here to keep you educated on foot and ankle problems. Call or write if you have any questions. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

Stress Fractures of the Foot in this Tampa Video