Video Neural Prolotherapy

Speaker 1:       Hi. This is Dr. Marc Katz in Tampa. I wanted to discuss with you something called Neural, that’s N-e-u-r-a-l, such as nerve Prolotherapy. We’ve already discussed Prolotherapy in a couple of the other videos, and there’s stuff on the website as well. Neural Prolotherapy is something that’s really developed out of the traditional Prolotherapy that’s becoming a really great treatment. The idea is that people end up with pain either caused by nerve injury, or various types of pain at certain spots on the foot or ankle. These are called trigger points. There are places where we can actually push and that area is painful, and not only is it painful there but we can push along the course of the nerve and it’s very painful, and sometimes it even radiates.

Neural Prolotherapy the idea is that we actually treat the inflammation around the nerve. We use some dextrose which is a sugar solution which is the way Prolotherapy works. What we do is we get rid of the inflammation, and we start getting the body to come in and repair these nerves. It’s a natural way of actually getting rid of your pain. We’re not using any narcotics, we’re not using any anesthetics, we’re not doing any surgery, and we’re not using any steroids.

We’re really coming up with this alternative method of helping you out. Anymore that has any type of pain, foot and ankle problem, and you’re not getting relief, this could be an option for you especially it’s nerve related, and you do have very definitive areas of pain that radiates, or areas of pain in very definitive spots on your foot, I would urge you to give us a call at 813-875-0555 and see if you’re a candidate for Neural Prolotherapy. We will be writing my articles  about this and putting more on the website, and maybe even making a dedicated website to Prolotherapy, so keep checking and see if that comes out and then  you can get much more information.

Have a great day and keep watching our videos. Thanks.