Video Neuropathy

Speaker 1:       Hi, this is Dr. Marc Katz at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa and we’re continuing our educational series.  I want to talk to you today about neuropathy.

                        Neuropathy is a condition of the nerves that causes pain, numbness, burning, tingling, cramping, various types of feelings.  It can occur during the day, it can occur at night.  It can keep you up at night.  Neuropathy had many, many causes but I’ll tell you some of the most common.

                        Probably the most common that we see is what we call diabetic neuropathy.  It’s associated with diabetes.  It’s associated with long-term diabetes and high blood sugars, but it can occur even with perfectly controlled diabetes, and that’s diabetic neuropathy.

                        Then there is neuropathy that comes from drinking excessively.  It’s called alcoholic neuropathy.  We do see that in some patients and that can also be treated as well.

                        Then there can be neuropathy that’s associated with a pinched nerve in the back, a pinched nerve in the ankle which we call tarsal tunnel, similar to carpal tunnel, but it’s an entrapment of the nerve around the ankle.  You can have bulging discs in the back and that can cause it.

                        Then if you, unfortunately, have to have chemo therapy and develop neuropathy that can be coming from those chemotherapy agents and that can cause burning and tingling in the feet and sometimes even in the hands.

                        Neuropathy is treatable.  It is somewhat difficult to treat but we do have ways of testing.  We can do certain types of skin biopsies that can give us the type of neuropathy.  We have tests such as nerve conduction studies which can check and see if you do have some sort of abnormal nerve problems.  In addition we have some various remedies that help with pain and we are working with some new treatments which actually have been around for a while but it’s called neural prolotherapy which has worked very well.  That’s a really promising thing that we’ve been using that has really been helping a lot of people.

                        So if you have neuropathy and you need relief and you want to just have it checked out, come see us in Tampa at Advanced Podiatry.  Our phone number is 813-875-0555 or you can reach us at the

                        Thanks.  Have a great day and continue to watch our educational videos.