Video Permanent Nail Procedures

Patient:            Oh, I can’t feel that tourniquet on there.


Doctor:            No, you won’t feel it, you’re numb.


Doctor:            You okay?


Patient:            I can’t believe I can’t feel that.


Doctor:            That’s the magic.


Patient:            Holy cow, I should be screaming my head off!


Doctor:            Yeah, if it was not numb–


Patient:            Oh my God–


Doctor:            –I would imagine you would be screaming your head off.


Patient:            Oh, yeah! Only I wanted to do this myself, so [chuckle].


Doctor:            Well you could have, but then you would have been screaming your head off.


Patient:            Yeah [giggles]. And I am getting so fat I can’t reach my feet, that’s one reason I want it done, I can’t get to them as good as I used to. Wow, that’s amazing. Now I was asking Lavonne is some of that hypertrophy in my toe going to go away after this?


Doctor:            Yeah, a little. It should to some degree, yeah.


Patient:            Bad, bad nail.


Doctor:            Exactly.


Patient:            Now you still have to get the matrix out?


Doctor:            I got the matrix out–


Patient:            Oh good!


Doctor:            –But if there’s more in here, we will take care of it.


Speaker 1:       Wow, Rog you’re pretty steady.


Doctor:            You may have a future in podiatry filming.


Speaker 1:       Yeah. [Laughter]


Patient:            Nothing else, just podiatry.


Doctor:            Yeah, that’s it, it’s real highly specialized.


Patient:            I’m happier already.


Doctor:            So now you can see the anastetic actually works.


Patient:            Wow.


Doctor:            Which is always nice.


Patient:            Was that just lidocaine?


Doctor:            And a little marcaine too. That’ll give you your long lasting relief.


Speaker 1:       There’s two settings, you can change it to a [inaudible]. It’s still recording though.


Patient:            Now that’s the acid to kill the rest of the matrix?


Doctor:            Yeah, and it’s actually a base.


Patient:            Oh, it is.


Doctor:            Yeah, we do it a little differently, we use a base and then we neutralize it with an acid.


Patient:            Is my toenail going to come off and grow back?


Doctor:            It shouldn’t. I mean it’s possible but it shouldn’t do that.


Doctor:            And there you have it.


Patient:            Is that silvadene?


Doctor:            It is. Good old fashioned silvadene, it’s still around.


Patient:            Hey that works pretty good, huh? [inaudible]


Doctor:            And there it is. There you go.