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Speaker 1:       Hi, this is Dr. Marc Katz of Advanced Podiatry in Tampa. We wanted to expand on the topic of Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is regenerative medicine and that is a field that is gaining in popularity and really represents some of the future of medicine and some of the more advanced technologies or best treatments that we have available, something I’ve been doing for about seven years. We discussed Prolotherapy as being a natural substance that we inject around ligaments, tendons and joints and in our case around the foot and ankle and sometimes the lower leg.


What’s important about Prolotherapy, it is regenerative so we’re not breaking down tissue, we’re actually building tissue. What’s important about that is we contrast that to something like a steroid injection. What is a steroid injection? It decreases inflammation and it also eventually breaks down tissue and that’s why you can’t have too many steroid injections because it breaks down tissue, so we’re regenerating tissue with Prolotherapy.


You come into the office, we identify spots maybe around the ankle, around joints, around tendons or ligaments, or areas that are painful just in general. Then what we do in that case is we go ahead and look at the structures with ultrasound, we map out a treatment plan, and we start the session with small injections of Prolotherapy solutions which are all natural. They consist of dextrose and sometimes other substances, but this is a science that’s been around since the 1950s. We’ve used it in the office with great success.


The great thing about it is if you’re an athlete or just a casual runner, you don’t want to take off time and you don’t have to. There is no surgery. We can do surgery on some of these things but we would certainly want to try this first and really avoid surgery and that’s what people are really looking for. If you suffer from any type of tendon or ligament or joint pain or any general foot and ankle pain, I would urge you to have that checked out and consider Prolotherapy.


We would be happy to talk to you about it in our office. You could call us at 813-875-0555 in Tampa Bay. You can also check us out on the web at Thanks for watching and keep watching our videos because we’re going to continuously come out with more and keep you educated on all foot and ankle topics. Thanks so much, bye.