Shoe Size

Dr. Katz:

Hi. This is Dr. Marc Katz of Advanced Podiatry. I often get asked if it’s possible as an adult for your shoe size to go up. The answer is yes. This often happens after child birth. When you are pregnant, there is a hormone known as relaxin. That will actually circulate through your system in order for you to give birth and open up the birth canal.

This hormone will actually cause ligaments to loosen, in general, in the body. It does affect the ligaments of the foot and there are many ligaments in the foot. When this happens, especially after having multiple children, you will notice potentially a increase of half to a full shoe size.

If that is happening, you do need to see a podiatrist who will check your foot and will see if you do need to go up a shoe size or there are other abnormalities happening because you will start to get things like drifting of the toes and toes coming upward which is a hammer toe, bumps on the sides of the feet such as bunions, bumps on the top of the toes, bumps on the foot behind the small toe which is Tailor’s bunion. That’s important.

Other things that happen is over time ligaments do loosen. It’s very important to note that when that happens, your shoe size can go up. Don’t always just assume that if I’ve been a size 10 since I was 18 years old that that’s going to continue. If you feel like your foot is being squeezed in your shoe where your shoe size is changing, then please come in and see us.

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