Skin Biopsy

Dr. Katz:

Hi. This is Dr. Katz in Tampa of Advanced Podiatry. I want to talk to you today about skin disorders and biopsies. I often have patients come in and they ask me, “Do you take care of skin conditions?” The answer is absolutely. We see all types of skin conditions, anything from infections to rashes to eczema to skin cancer.

The good thing about what we do in our office is we do a full inspection of the foot and ankle, not only superficially but we look between the toes, we look everywhere. We often find areas that look a bit suspicious. We may biopsy them. A biopsy is simply just numbing a tiny area, taking a little piece of skin and sending it to a lab.

This can give us a lot of information. It can tell us whether you have some type of dermatitis such as contact dermatitis or something related to some chemical you’ve been around. It can tell us whether you have skin cancer. It is very common where I am. We’re here in Florida.

You’d be shocked at how many people have skin cancer. That doesn’t mean something terrible is going to happen to you but it should be treated. There are serious types of skin cancer such as melanoma. We’ve had that happen in our office where we’ve taken a biopsy and there is some incidence of melanoma which is a serious condition that needs to be treated.

The point I’m making is, is that if you have any type of skin condition and no one really knows what it is and your treatment is not working out or it just looks suspicious, I recommend biopsying the area. We do this every day. It doesn’t require any stitches. We use a great lab. They send us reports back in a couple of days. We can treat you accordingly.

If you have any type of lesion on your skin of the foot and the ankle, lower leg and either if it’s not going away and we need to biopsy it or you think it’s suspicious in some way, you can see your podiatrist in the Tampa area. We’d be happy to see you.

You can call us at 813-875-0555 in the Tampa Bay area. You could also check us out on the web at Thanks for watching. If you have any other questions regarding skin conditions or any other foot or ankle problems, we have the whole section on our website with tons of educational information. Thanks again for watching. Have a great day.