Video Stretching

Mark:              Hi.  This is Dr. Mark Katz in Tampa.  We are continuing our educational series, and today I want to talk to you about stretching.  Now, stretching is very common in athletes and a lot of people feel that if they’re just going out for a simple walk or they play baseball or softball every week, or they just go take a run and it’s pretty routine … that they don’t need to stretch.  I’m here to tell you that stretching is extremely important not only for regular activities, prior to doing the activities, and even after doing the activities.  But stretching is also used as a rehab tool to get you back to feeling better after an injury.

                        So if you’re going to go out and just take a simple walk or you’re going to go out and run, we encourage you to do stretches.  There are Achilles stretches where the Achilles is at the back of the heel and then the muscle that goes at the back of the leg, and where you lean against the wall and you can give yourself a stretch.  When you start stretching, you hold up for about 30 to 45 seconds and you do about 10 of those.  Then even after the run or walk, you want to do the same thing.

                        Now, if you’re going to work out I would recommend the same type of thing.  Do some stretches.  Get your hamstrings stretched out.  Hamstrings are up in your thigh area and down your legs.  You want to again stretch out the Achilles and the muscles in the back of the leg.  Those are some important times to stretch, and the reason you’re doing that is to avoid injury and that’s the key.  We want to avoid injuries.  We don’t want to treat them after.  We want them to never happen because I know that’s what you want.

                        Now, if you do get injured we often have you stretching.  That is to get you feeling better or if you conditions such as heel pain.  We often have you stretch and that’s something you can do at home or with physical therapy.  But if you do have heel pain and it seems to be bothering you, you can try some stretches.  If that didn’t work, you can always come into the office or see a podiatrist.

                        So keep up the stretching.  It’s very important.  It helps you avoid injuries and it’s a great thing to do.  It keeps you limber and that’s always a great thing.  So continue watching our educational series.  If you want more information on foot and ankle pain, you can just see us for a foot and ankle pain.  We’re in Tampa.  Phone number 813-875-0555 or on the web at  Thanks and have a great day.