Video Superpulse

Mark:              Hi.  This is Dr. Mark Katz, and today we’re going to discuss, as part of our educational series, what I call super pulse laser which is a musculoskeletal laser therapy.  That is the use of laser for healing of the foot and ankle on our case.  What’s amazing about laser is that it has so many valuable treatment options that can help you heal your tissues, and you can do it without any injections or any surgery.  We’ve made use of laser extensively in our practice and it has been just something great, because you don’t have to take time off of work or your activities to have any surgery or things like that.  You pretty much are able to have the treatments in the office and go home; continue your activities in most activities.

What’s amazing about laser is laser stimulates the body when we’re trying to heal.  It stimulates the body to come in and bring in the appropriate healing, cells and growth factors and hormones, and things like that.  So it starts this whole cascade of healing.  It stimulates and you’d be amazed at how quickly you can get relief from laser therapy.  Now, sometimes people go for physical therapy.  If find laser therapy to be very healing and it can actually replace physical therapy in some cases, and people do really well with it.

Now, in our practice and, really, any type of foot or ankle pain, joint pain, heel pain … it can be treated with laser therapy.  We have a very comprehensive protocol that has worked well.  The nice thing about it is its alternative and natural.  You’re not using steroids and it really does stimulate the body.

Now, there are other types of settings on the laser because we have complete control of the way we’re giving you the treatment.  There are settings on the laser that we use where we can actually inhibit.  Now, inhibit means we’re going to stop a process and that is for pain, for instance, or muscle spasms.  So we’re actually able to use the laser in that case as well to stop pain in the short term and to stop muscle spasms.  Laser really encompasses all types of treatment and I recommend that you check out our website at  It has more information about lasers.  Also, if you feel like you’re maybe a candidate or want to check our laser, or have treatment for your foot and ankle, you can visit us in Tampa.  Give us a call at 813-875-0555.  Continue to watch our educational series.  You’ll become very smart and there’s lot of information here about the foot and ankle, and have a great day.