Video Toe Fracture

Mark:              Hi.  It’s Dr. Katz again of Advanced Podiatry in Tampa, and today we’re going to talk about broken toes.  So I’m sure you’ve heard it.  Broken toes, no big deal.  You just tape them off and you’re good to go.  Well, many of you [inaudible 0:00:21] that that’s not actually true.  In some cases if you have a mild sprain of your toe, may be taping it will be effective.  In general, it’s not just as simple as taping your toes and it’s not to be taken so lightly that a fracture of the toe is nothing to worry about.  I’ll tell you a couple of reasons why.

                        Number one is think about what your toes do.  Your toes basically help you push forward, takes your whole body, and help you push forward as you walk or run, or do any activity.  So they’re not just toes.  They are a very important of your body.  So when you get a fracture of the toe, we want to get that fracture x-rayed.  Because if that fracture is actually not close together, in other words you have a big gap, then we’re going to have to make sure we get that close.  Because if you don’t, you could have non-healing of the fracture and then just what we call chronic pain, ongoing pain and aching of the joint.  So you do definitely want to have that looked at.

                        The other thing is if you happen to have a fracture and that fracture ends up going into the joint, then you could actually start getting arthritis of the joint.  We also want to try and avoid that.  We can’t always but we do want to try.  A lot of times that broken toe when we x-ray, it actually turns out to be a fracture of the toe and further back behind the ball of the foot as you go further from the toes to the ball of the foot to the mid part of the foot.  That actually turns up to be a metatarsal fracture in which we’ll discuss in another video.  Really, if you have that don’t wait.

You need to see a podiatrist and if you’re in the Tampa Bay area, come see us and we’ll help you with your toe fracture or any other conditions you have on the foot and ankle.  You can reach us 813-875-0555 and you can see us on the web at  Thanks so much for listening.  Stay tuned for other videos, and watch us out there on our YouTube videos and get your friends involved and help them become educated on food and ankle problems.  Thanks and have a good day.