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Foot swelling can be caused by many different conditions. In some cases, the swelling may be from other conditions such as high blood pressure or faulty veins in the legs. In the foot, swelling may be caused by an injury, fracture, infection and gout. The most important action is to see a foot doctor if your swelling does not resolve within a few days. This is especially true if you have diabetes or poor circulation. This video will explain some of the reasons for foot swelling. If you have foot swelling, have an exam by a podiatrist and get back to the activities that you desire. At Advanced Podiatry in Tampa Florida, the doctors will give you a thorough exam and start a treatment course to help you. Call 813-875-0555

Hi this is Dr. Marc Katz in Tampa, Florida at Advanced Podiatry and I want to talk today about foot swelling. This is part of our ongoing educational series for everyone out there on the internet and on our website.

Foot swelling is very common for many people and foot swelling can occur fairly suddenly and you can have things like an injury and you can then have foot swelling. That can be a result of damage to tissue in the foot such as ligaments or tendons. It can also be from damage to joints and that swelling can occur. Also, you can situations where you have something such as gout which is a condition that affects the joints. Gout is a type of thing that involves a chemical in the blood known as uric acid. Uric acid levels can actually elevate for various reasons, too many to go into right now. Then you can just wake up one morning with a big swollen foot and not having done any activity and that can cause foot swelling.

Those are the types of things that maybe are sudden foot swelling or the result of an injury. When you have these types of things you should certainly go and see a podiatrist to see whether it’s just something simple or maybe you have a fracture, a ligament tear, a tendon tear or gout. Those are some of the things to think about.

Some people have swelling on both feet and sometimes even on the hands and those can be different types of arthritis that need to be checked. Then there’s something we call chronic swelling. Chronic swelling is the more long lasting swelling where you’ve had it checked out and you continue to have it. Chronic swelling can come from things such as veins in your legs that aren’t working properly. When the veins are not working properly you retain fluid and gravity pulls it down into your feet and into your ankles. We can check you for that and refer you to the appropriate physician and have that worked on and help you with that type of swelling.

Other types of swelling can result from problems with your kidneys, if you have high blood pressure potentially, heart problems, lung problems and other medical problems. In those cases we often have you see your primary care physician to be treated for those problems and then in turn this type of swelling can reduce.

In any case, swelling is not normal and you should have it checked out. If you’ve developed swelling whether it’s sudden or somewhere between or something that’s been going on for a long time, then give us a call and go see your podiatrist. You can reach us here in Tampa at 813-875-0555 or on the web at

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