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Hammertoes are a bending of the toe that causes bumps and soreness on the top of the toe. In some cases the toe can also bend at the end and cause pain at the tip of the toe. Hammertoes can occur with flat feet and high-arched feet. Both of these foot types lead to an imbalance of the foot tendons and abnormal pulling of the toe. Watch this video to get more details on hammertoe deformities. If you have hammertoe deformities or pain in your toes, call Advanced Podiatry at 813-875-0555. The doctors will provide you with many options for treatment.

Hi, this is Dr. Marc Katz in Tampa. We are continuing our educational series and today I want to discuss with you hammertoes. Some people may refer to those as bumps on the tops of their toes or they may note that their toe is rising upward or bending and they are very concerned, rightfully so. Hammertoes are basically a movement of the toe, just like the finger you have multiple joints in the finger and the toe and as the tendons get out of balance, you can often get the toe pulling up or pulling down. That’s how you start to get the formation of a hammertoe.


It can also come from arthritis or damage to the toes. They can come from the formation of a bunion, which we will talk about in a different session, but basically with the bunion the large toe moves over towards the second toe and the second toe tries to get out of the way and it rises up. That’s also a hammertoe. Now, there are two types of hammertoes to be aware of. There are flexible hammertoes, which mean that the toe is up and I can unbend it 100% and it becomes straight again.


Then there is rigid. Rigid is basically the toe is up and I try and unbend it, and it doesn’t go. That means that the toe is fixed in an abnormal position. It is in the joint. It is in the bone and in order to fix that, you’d have to have a bone surgery or get wider or taller shoes to avoid irritation if they hurt.


Now as far as the flexible hammertoes go, the nice thing is about that we have developed procedures in our office that we can do to actually reduce that deformity by releasing some soft tissue and tendons around the joint and that often will decrease your likelihood of getting one of the rigid types of hammertoes that stays up, is fixed and requires bone surgery. You can often avoid that with the soft tissue procedure. If you do have hammertoes or these enlargements or movement of the toes, enlargements in the top of the toes, you need to see a podiatrist.


If you have that in the Tampa Bay area and you’d like us to take a look at it, we will be happy to and you can call us at 813-875-0555 or reach us at Thanks and have a great day and I hope you continue to watch our full educational series.

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