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Ingrown toenails can cause pain, redness and swelling on the side of the nail. If not treated properely, the ingrown can become infected.  Your foot doctor can help resolve the problem and help you with permanent correction and cure of the ingrown toenail.  In some cases, the ingrown will be treated just with antibiotics but this often is not adequate.  You need the expertise of a podiatrist to quickly resolve your ingrown nail.  

Hi this is Dr. Marc Katz and we’re continuing our educational series here in Tampa. I wanted to discuss ingrown toenails, a very common problem, probably one of the most common things that we see in our practice. Ingrown toenails can come from just the natural shape of your nail. Instead of being flat, it’s actually curved like this. It’s really something that people struggle with where you’ll often have a little pain in the side of your nail and you’ll cut it back yourself. You’ll go into the bathroom, you’ll get all kinds of little tools and instruments out and you’ll start digging. The next thing you know there’s a little blood and you take care of it. Sometimes that works.

A lot of times you end up with continued pain and then you get redness, swelling, and then drainage and then the next thing you know you’re infected. Then you keep struggling with this. Sometimes you’ll go to a doctor and they’ll put you on an antibiotic and you go through the antibiotics and you feel a little better and you’re soaking maybe. Next thing you know, it starts again. Go back to the doctor, another course of antibiotics.

At that point you need to say, something else needs to be done. It’s not just a matter of treating the infection. You actually have to get the piece of nail that’s digging into your skin out and you also have to clear the infection because there’s a pocket of infection in there. You’ve got to get that out before it’s going to heal up. That’s really important. You don’t want to just keep taking antibiotics. You don’t have too. The other thing to note is the antibiotics are not going to cure the problem at all.

If you keep getting these you may even go to a doctor and they may take the side of a nail out temporarily and then it may come back again and you may have the same problem. What I’m going to tell you is is that there’s a permanent procedure. This permanent procedure sometimes can’t be done initially if you have a really bad infection, but it can be done if you keep getting ingrown toenails. We call that matrixectomy or permanent nail procedure.

Basically what we do is we numb your toe up. We take out the piece of nail that’s causing problems. It’s cosmetically very appealing. You don’t have to worry about that. We kill the root of the nail. There’re no incisions. There are no stitches. You heal up and you’re just like new.

I’ve had it done on both of my large toes. It’s worked out great since I was 16 which is just a few years ago. I highly recommend the procedure. This will save you a lot of heartache. If you have an ingrown toenail and you need to get it corrected permanently or you have any other foot problems, call us at 813-875- 0555 or check us out on the web at Have a great day.

If you have an ingrown toenail, call us at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa for immediate treatment so that you can get back to your activities.

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