Video – Morning Heel Pain

Morning heel pain can be a bad way to start your day. However, this type of heel problem is one of the most common complaints in our podiatry office each day. People have heel pain from many different sources including overuse, poorly fitting shoes, shoes without support, injuries and excess weight. While you may not see swelling in the foot, the internal band on the bottom of the foot is often swollen. This band is known as the plantar fascia.

With inflammation, even daily activities such as walking can be painful. It is important that you seek early treatment to keep the problem from lingering. Some people refer to this as a heel spur and you may have a spur, however, the spur is not the source of your pain.

If you have heel pain and have not gotten relief from ice, rolling, stretching, insoles or medications, call us for an immediate appointment at Advanced Podiatry. Call 813-875-0555.

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