Video Neuroma

Speaker 1:       Hi. This is Marc Katz in Tampa. I’m a podiatrist at Advanced Podiatry. I wanted to talk to today about Mortons Neuroma. Mortons Neuroma is a thickening of the nerve that occurs on the ball of the foot. The bones on the ball of the foot are noted as the metatarsal bones, and those are the long bones of the foot. The metatarsal bones meet up with the toes, and the neuroma forms between those bones and then goes into the toes. You may experience burning, tingling, numbness, cramping, and many other symptoms, and sometimes you don’t even note that it’s going into the toes, or maybe going into different toes, and you’re not really sure. That burning sensation is potentially the Mortons Neuroma, or an enlargement of the nerve. Neuroma is just an enlargement of the nerve. It is not a nerve tumor. This can be caused by various types of activities, loss of the fat padding on the bottom of your foot, and probably the number one cause is lack of stability, or support of your foot. Getting better support is often key.

In our practice we will diagnose a neuroma with an ultrasound typically. We’ll also make sure the pain’s not coming from some other source, so we may take an x-ray to make sure there is no joint problem or anything else that may be causing your problem. The good news is, is that in our practice we have so many different advanced and alternative treatment options that you often don’t need to go and have that nerve removed if you haven’t successfully made it through your treatments.

I would highly encourage you to look for some of these alternative methods. I’ll name some of them for you. One is Cryosurgery, we also have something called, Prolotherapy, and there are some other videos that discuss that, and you can also get information on the website. If you have symptoms that you think may be caused by a nerve or some type of pain in the ball of your foot there, you can always call us at 813-875-0555, and that’s in Tampa. You can reach us on the web at

Remember your feet have to last a lifetime. Don’t wait, when you have these problems come in soon so we can resolve them for you and get you back where you need to be. Thanks and have a great day.